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What We Do


Life can bring challenges that are beyond our control. With the most hungered desire to succeed, can come the real need for certain resources and support. It might be a mentor to believe in you and guide you, a specific resource to aide you or a community program to develop you. We all benefit from support, and at times, we don’t know where to go to receive it.

2BMe supports Women and Children in Australia, who lack access to the support and/or resources they need for them to achieve their potential and goals in life. By leveraging the network connections and fundraising capabilities of our Foundation and our Sponsors, we are here to support those Women and Children who have a desire to achieve their goals and improve their circumstances in life.

You might be a child born to a family who doesn’t support you or struggles to make ends meet financially. Through no fault of your own, you may be living away from your home and family, and working hard to complete your education. You might be a Woman doing a fabulous job raising children as a single parent, needing support in study or for one of your children who has a gift or talent or potential. If you or your child recognises the potential within, and you’re ready to realise it, and you need help to do that – 2BMe is interested to know more about you and how we potentially can help.

We provide support to three groups of the community:


1. Women 19years+

2. Children 12yrs to 18yrs

3. Women with children under 16yrs

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The support we provide can be direct from 2BMe or via one of our community network connections. The three areas of support 2BMe focuses upon are:

Personal Development / Mentoring

For example books, clothing, technology

Programs / Education

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Need support?


If you believe you qualify as a recipient for support from 2BMe, contact us with the details of who you are, your current circumstances, what your goal is and how 2BMe might help you to achieve it.

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If you believe you qualify as a recipient and would like to request support from 2BMe, complete the form below

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TAKE PART in one of our event sub-committees. This commitment suits those who want to volunteer and give back to the community and are limited for time. Be part of a positive team of people who are organised to create a charity or education event, in any area near you, for a short period in time. Donate your personal time in your specific area of expertise to mentor / teach / coach a 2BMe recipient.


DONATE to our Foundation, and we will continue to distribute the money to programs and resources that will give our recipients the specific support that will enable them to the move forward. Make it a monthly direct deposit or a one-off donation. Get your family and friends involved and host an event to raise money, awareness and fun!


GIFT a service, product or group of products to us, that will be used to raffle SERVICE: or auction off at an event or gifted to a recipient for them to use in their own specific development. You may own a business that delivers education programs or personal development services to people.


PARTNER with 2BMe and become an endorsed responsible community partner and connect your business to our Foundation. Give the gift of contribution to your own staff. Involve them in financial contributions, event volunteering or personal mentoring. Create a space in your business for a Foundation recipient to come and learn. Great for your business marketing, employee engagement and community connection.

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